Walk – Poker Run for 22 Veterans Suicide Awareness Association 



In 2015 we started doing a 22 mile hump (walk) to raise awareness in our community about 22 Veterans committing suicide every day . Each year since the support we have received has been awesome but we still need to get the word out for our veterans and their families.

We do have shirts made up each year before the walk so that you can show your support and the money raised goes to a veteran or a veterans family that may be in need of help and support. Our walks happen each year in September. And this year it will be a 2.2 mile walk and we are working to have an optional 22 mile walk as well. If you have any questions feel free to contact us:

To ensure the success of this very important fundraiser, we are seeking contributions to help defray the costs associated with this event, so that all funds raised can go directly towards the veterans in our community. Whether it is a ride to the doctor’s office, a hot meal, helping a widow/widower who just lost a loved one to suicide or to help then around the holidays.

Generous donors like you are the key to our success and make it possible for 22 Veterans Suicide Awareness Association to provide our local veterans and their families in need with assistance and critical services. As a local nonprofit agency section 501(c)(3), your donation is tax deductible . We hope

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